Day Care

Give your dog an exhilarating day filled with interactive play and socialization at Pampered Pets Daycare Program.

A daycare assessment is essential to determine your pet’s compatibility with our daycare setting. Available as 3-5 hour sessions, these evaluations ensure your pet is prepared for an enjoyable social experience. Ideal for dogs with previous socialization, this assessment lays the foundation for ongoing fun and companionship with every visit!

Experience pampered bliss for your furry friend at Pampered Pets Doggie Daycare! From engaging activities like follow the leader, tag, and fetch, to delightful bubble play and endless cuddles, your dog will revel in new adventures every day with our tailored Dog Daycare Program. We understand that dogs thrive on routine, and by regularly attending daycare, you’re fostering a happier, healthier, and socially adept canine companion.

At Pampered Pets, we prioritize your dog’s comfort and well-being. They enjoy restful downtime, accompanied by ample staff cuddles. Plus, we ensure a harmonious environment by grouping dogs into daycare sessions based on their personality, energy levels, and size. Give your beloved pet the ultimate daycare experience they deserve at Pampered Pets Doggie Daycare.

Dog Daycare Services

Full Day

Half Day


Day Boarding

Doggy Daycrafts

Once a week we create fun works of art with your dog at daycare. Space is limited, Be sure to call and make a reservation!

From follow the leader, tag, and fetch, to bubbles and endless cuddles, your dog will have a blast enjoying new experiences each day in our Dog Daycare Program.

Dogs are creatures of habit and by attending daycare on a regular basis, you are helping to create a happy, healthy, active and most importantly, well socialized canine.

All daycare dogs enjoy a midday break consisting of nap time, comfy raised beds and PLENTY of staff cuddles.

Dogs are separated into dog daycare groups based on personality, activity level and size.

At Pampered Pets, we provide premier Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming services. Our dedicated team of pet enthusiasts ensures a loving and secure environment for your furry companions.