Pampered Pets was founded in 2014

OUR Culture

The owners of Pampered Pets LLC, believe that Jesus Christ owns this business, and we are simply His stewards. We want to make sure that all we do in and through this business honors Him. By the same token, we choose to not do anything that will dishonor Him. We believe that prayer is answered. No one who works in our company is required to believe what we believe, because we fully believe in and practice equal opportunity and second chances. However, we make it clear, early on, that God is the owner of our company.

community impact

We use our talents and treasures to make a difference. We believe we are part of the community in which we live and work and therefore we have the responsibility to give back to that community.

our values


We value each other for who we are, using our words and actions to create a safe environment for everyone. We live by the golden rule. “Do unto other as you would like done unto you”, and we strive to also “Treat other as they want to be treated”


Today, we choose to have fun! Today is a good day for a good day. We believe that we choose our attitude and set the intention for having a good day. We believe having fun and making someone’s day is a valuable part of being present and attentive to those around us and the task at hand.


We use our skills and talents to positively impact our world. We believe that everyone has a God-given talent to impact the world around them. We value our employees’ differences and celebrate what they can bring to the company and encourage their growth to further impact the word.

honesty and integrity

We do what is right, even when no one is watching. Honest and Integrity are character traits that are ingrained in one’s person. We are who we say we are when working with customers, pets, employees and those we encounter.


We work to provide value, therefore we pursue excellence. We are constantly exceeding our goals and expectations. Excellence is a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards.

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