Boarding and Day Care

8301 Industrial Park Rd, Baxter

Grooming and Pet Wash

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all-day fun dog daycare

enrich your
dog’s day

From tug-o-war, tag, and fetch,
to bubbles and endless cuddles, your dog will have a blast enjoying new experiences each day in our Dog Daycare Program.

exercise body
and mind

Dogs are creatures of habit and byattending daycare on a regular basis, you are helping to create a happy, healthy, active and most importantly, well socialized canine.


All daycare dogs enjoy a midday break consisting of calming lavender spray, comfy raised beds, lowlighting and PLENTY of staff cuddles.

appropriate play

Dogs are separated into dog
daycare groups based on
personality, activity level, and

Free dog daycare evaluation

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of all pets in daycare an evaluation is given to asses your dogs social skills in a daycare and group setting. The FREE Daycare Evaluation is a one day process to ensure that your pet has a personality built for daycare. Daycare is best suited for dogs who already have socialization experience. This evaluation is a first step to helping your pet have the fun, social experience that will have him bursting through our doors for more playtime every time you bring him back to Pampered PETS Boarding and Daycare.

boarding and day care

8301 Industrial Park Rd, Baxter