LUXURY Lodging

All guests enjoy spacious, climate controlled rooms that are both comfortable and private

Engaging Play

Safe and fun supervised group play time included in our expansive play yards.


Treat your pet to a spa day while they stay. We have baths, full grooms, nail trims and more available for add on. 


Perfect cat nooks to make your feline companion feel right at home


Instead, we provide everything you and your pet need and deserve. Boarding your pet should be a stress free experience for you and them. Our luxury accommodations include both private and group play.

All of our guests relax in spacious, climate controlled rooms contained by solid partition panels for safety and privacy. Accommodations include daily housekeeping services to keep pets clean and tidy, with fresh water readily available at all times. Our caring staff frequently stop by to check in, offer snuggles, carefully monitor food intake/elimination, and more!

25% off Nightly rate

For any additonal Pet that share the same room

VIP Suites

Our custom built suites are designed to facilitate rest and relaxation. Pet parents may select from 3 different suite accommodations.  For further details on any suite, please contact us.

Petite Suite

Petite suites are in a quite relaxed environment and come with plush bedding complete with a blanket, comfortable music and mandatory TLC.

(Dimensions: 3×3)

Queen Suite

Room can accommodate any pet breed and size. These rooms are perfectly sized for your pet and comes equipped with tempered glass door, raised bed, clean bedding, soothing music and is climate controlled.

(Dimensions: 8×4, 8×6)

Pampered Suite

Private Room with tempered glass door. Accommodates all pet breeds and sizes. Pets vacationing in our Pampered Suites enjoy all the comforts of home, away from home. These rooms are spacious and come equipped with a comfortable chair, an oversized dog bed, soothing music and television.

(Dimensions: 12×10)

Main Kennel Run

All kennels are housed in a fully climate controlled space with tall ceilings, excellent ventilation and 24 hour music. With 3 sizes to choose from, you can rest assured that your dog will be happy and comfortable during their stay.

Small Kennel

Our small kennels offer ample comfort, with tempered glass doors and spacious accommodations. 

(Dimensions: 3×3)

Standard Kennel

Our standard kennels offer more space for dogs of any size, with tempered glass doors and raised dog bedding.  Optional adjoining kennel is available upon request.

(Dimensions: 4×6)

Large Kennel

Our large kennels offer more space for dogs of any size, with tempered glass doors, raised dog bedding. Large kennels are comfortable with adequate space. Optional adjoining kennel is available upon request.

(Dimensions: 6×6)

The Cat room

Upstairs is a home away from home for your cat, complete with windows and furniture, perfect for snuggling.

Cat Condo

Our cat condo is multi tierd with connected litter boxes. Cats staying with us get to roam in the cat room, complete with furniture, cat tree, window for watching wildlife and plenty of cat toys. 


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